Our Projects.  


In 2010 a group of local attorneys in the Northern District of Florida began to educate today's children about financial issues they may face and how to avoid common pitfalls. The platform, CARE (Credit Abuse Resistance Education), was created in 1997 by a bankruptcy judge in New York who grew tired of doing nothing about the growing number of financially illiterate debtors who graced his courtroom. In 2016 CARE received its 501(c)(3) status as has emerged as a nonprofit organization that educates students, young adults, and their families on how to manage personal finances and responsibly use credit and other financial services.


Although CARE chapters are active across the country, over the years, CARE receded in the Northern District of Florida. We are interested in reviving CARE and starting a local chapter. It is our intent to present a brief overview and to seek your support at the 2017 Seminar. We are hopeful that we will have enough support to start a local chapter. More information can be found on the CARE website https://care4yourfuture.org/

There are many advantages to this program, the most obvious is perhaps that schools benefit by having financial education presented to their students at absolutely no cost to the school. Administrators can be confident that the presenters, as local professionals, will conduct themselves professionally while on school grounds and set good examples for their students to follow. For attorneys CARE offers an opportunity to perform an educational public service and make a difference in the community without making a long-term commitment or incurring personal cost. The presentation materials are provided by CARE, and there is very little preparation required. All the attorney must donate is his or her time for the presentation (presentations are approximately forty-five minutes to an hour). Presenters need only commit to one presentation at a time.


If you are interested in participating in a local CARE chapter please contact:

Sarah S. Walton